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The intent for this conference is to attract presentations and discussion around the use of instrumentation and monitoring to ensure that the large complex, and high hazard structures we are building are behaving in accordance with expectations determined during design by increasingly complex modelling. Modelling as well as monitoring capabilities, equipment and resources are intrinsic now in maintaining safe mining and tailings storage, and this is the main focus of the conference.

Mine planning and management involve modelling all phases and aspects of the mine, from the ore body, through open pit stability, processing, to waste management facility performance, and the protection of the environment. To formulate a representative model, one needs a deep understanding of the physical systems and data to quantify the system and its performance. Once the model is in place, monitoring is undertaken. Monitoring data are compared to model predictions and the model is calibrated and planning for future management undertaken. This new conference series seeks to explore the many phases of mine-related modelling and monitoring.

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