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Heap Leach Solutions 2016 was the fourth in this conference series created in 2013 in Vancouver by InfoMine and the University of British Columbia (UBC). The series has quickly become a highly acclaimed forum in the field of heap leaching, as demonstrated by the very successful conferences held in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada, in 2014 in Lima, Peru and in 2015 in Reno, Nevada, USA. With this conference series we seek to share knowledge and facilitate interaction between heap leach practitioners and researchers from a wide range of disciplines. Theory and practice are very well balanced in the conference programs, which discuss various aspects of the activities during the life cycle of a heap leach project, from ore testing to development and operations, and, finally, closure.


This conference was relevant to everyone engaged in the development, design, construction, and closure of heap leach projects, including academics, regulators, and personnel from mining, consulting, engineering, and financial companies. The range of technical topics included hydrometallurgy, process engineering, geotechnical and hydrogeological engineering.


  • Regional seismicity
  • Impact of heap leaching in comparison with tailings
  • State-of-the-art of geotechnical engineering in heap leach design
  • Reduction in construction and operational costs
  • Heap leach closure
  • Water balance and consumption optimization
  • Trends in 3D stability analysis
  • Geotechnical monitoring
  • Metallurgical ore testing
  • Metal recovery in copper and precious metal heap leach projects
  • Case studies
  • Developing and permitting new mines
  • Environmental considerations for heap leach facilities
  • Geosynthetics and heap leaching



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Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering

UBC’s Department of Mining Engineering is known for being a small, close-knit family.
The department is exemplified by the dedication of the faculty and staff who provide a dynamic, hands-on learning experience for both undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition to teaching, the faculty works with graduate students and staff to undertake research in all aspects of mining in order to study and improve the industry for future generations. Gifts from alumni, corporations, foundations, students, parents and other friends assist the Keevil Institute in conducting leading edge research, providing outstanding education and contributing to social and economic development.

Anddes Asociados

Anddes specializes in providing advisory and consulting services for the development and supervising of environmental, civil and construction projects mainly in the mining industry. Anddes is led by professionals with many years of experience in the development of mining projects in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. The experience of the company and our staff, along with our strategic partnerships allow us to provide services with high standards of quality, innovative and efficient solutions, generating added value for our clients.


Organizing Committee

Augusto Chung
VP Projects
Rio Alto Mining, Peru 

Denys Parra
General Manager
Anddes Asociados S.A.C., Peru 

Dirk van Zyl
Professor, The University of British Columbia and InfoMine, Canada

Committee Member
Jorge E. González Cohn
Commercial Manager
Anddes Asociados S.A.C., Peru

Technical Advisor
Andy Robertson
President, InfoMine and Robertson GeoConsultants, Canada

Conference Manager
Olga Cherepanova
InfoMine, Canada

Conference Coordinator
Ursula Alvarado
InfoMine Operations Perú

Technical Publisher
Joe Goodwill
InfoMine, Canada

Marketing and Sales Manager
Marcia Mendonca
InfoMine, Canada

Advisory Committee

Eduardo Garcia
Geotechnical Superintendent
Minera Yanacocha S.L.R., Peru

Percy Mayta
Oxides Plant Manager
Sierra Gorda SCM, Chile

Eduardo Medina
Senior Manager, Geotechnical Engineering
Barrick Gold Corp., Peru

Victor Medina
Senior Process Engineer
Cía. de Minas Buenaventura, Peru

Manuel Ortega
General Manager
Heap Leaching Consulting SAC, Peru

Luis Paredes
Independent Consultant
Independent (ex SNC Lavalin), Peru

Eduardo Ruiz
General Manager
Amphos 21 Consulting Perú S.A.C., Peru

Arnaldo Saavedra
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Minera Freeport McMoran South America S.A.C., Peru

Luis Tejada
Superintendent, Geotechnics and Hydrology
MMG Las Bambas, Peru

Technical Committee

José Ale
Geotechnical Engineer
AMEC Peru, Peru

David Arcos
Manager, Mining Geochemistry
Amphos 21 Consulting, Spain

Renzo Ayala
Research Area Supervisor
Anddes Asociados SAC, Peru

Allan J. Breitenbach
Principal Geotechnical Engineer
Ausenco, USA

Omar Caceres
Metallurgical Engineer
Brazilian Nickel Ltd., USA

Jorge Castillo
Engineering & Geotechnical Manager
Ausenco, USA

Steve Dixon
Metallurgical Engineer
SND Consulting, USA

Nicholas Durupt
Senior Metallurgical Engineer
Areva Mines, France

Yousef Ghorbani
Research Fellow
University of Exeter, UK

Amado Guzman
HydroGeoSense Inc., USA

Sanaz Moghadam-Zadeh
PhD Candidate
University of British Columbia, Canada

Luis Nery
Process Superintendent
Cía. Minera Coimolache SA, Peru

Denys Parra
General Manager
Anddes Asociados S.A.C., Peru

Andrés Reyes
Geotechnical Engineer
Anddes Asociados SAC, Peru

Renman Ruan
Professor of Process Engineering
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dale Rucker
Hydrogeologist and Geophysicist

Glen Southard
Chief Scientific Officer
6th Wave Innovation Corporation, USA

Lindsay Tallon
O’Kane Consultants Inc., Canada

Pedro Ticona
General Manager – Pucamarca Project
Minsur SA, Peru

Oswaldo Tovar
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Ex Arcadis y Ex MEM, Peru

Waldo Huallanca
Anddes Asociados SAC, Peru


Three volumes of the Heap Leach Solutions conference proceedings are available for purchase.

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Heap Leach Solutions, 2015


Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Heap Leach Solutions

September 14-16, 2015 | Reno, USA

  • Products: Digital book (e-book) of proceedings, for downloading to PC; searchable PDF of entire book; individual PDFs of all papers
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0-9917905-8-6
  • Pages: 553
  • Editors: Mark Evatz, Newmont Mining Corporation, USA; Mark E. Smith, Brazilian Nickel, Ltd, USA; Dirk Van Zyl, InfoMine and University of British Columbia, Canada

Copyright: InfoMine Inc., 2015

This series of conferences aims to include contributions from the broad spectrum of disciplines that must work together to develop economically and technically successful heap leach projects – and this volume represents a collection of papers that reflects that. Topics covered in the 2015 Proceedings include heap hydrodynamics, metallurgical testing and evaluation, monitoring and modelling, unsaturated flow, heap leach closure, and new technologies. Contributing authors represent a diverse range of professions, including representatives of academia, consulting, and operations, and owners from the copper, gold, nickel, and nitrate industries. These authors hail from the USA, Australia, China, India, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Canada, the UK, South Africa, and Turkey. Over a dozen are recognized global leaders in their fields; others are emerging talents with voices that need to be heard.

This publication comprises a total of 37 papers.

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Purchase individual papers for download from our eStore

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Heap Leach Solutions, 2014


Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Heap Leach Solutions

November 10-13, 2014 | Lima, Peru

  • Products:Digital book (e-book) of proceedings, for downloading to PC; searchable PDF of entire book; individual PDFs of all papers
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:978-0-9917905-6-2
  • Pages:511
  • Editors:Dirk van Zyl, University of British Columbia and InfoMine Inc., Canada; Igor Gonzáles Galindo, Board Member Cia. Minas Buenaventura, Hudbay Minerals, and Sierra Metals, Peru

Copyright: InfoMine Inc., 2014

This volume reflects an excellent cross section of papers about heap leaching practices and as such makes a significant contribution to the literature in this area. Topics vary from detailed geotechnical concerns in the design and construction of heap leach pads, to characterization of ores in the laboratory and in situ, to the successful operation of heap leach operations, including processing plants. Many technologies are highlighted in the papers contained in this volume. These are focused on improving design, construction, and operation of heap leach projects. A number of papers on cost estimation of heap leach pads are included, providing very good guidance to engineers in this area. Overall this volume contributes to the global knowledge in heap leaching.

This publication comprises a total of 35 papers.

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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Heap Leach Solutions, 2013


Proceedings of the First International Conference on Heap Leach Solutions

September 22-25, 2013 | Vancouver, Canada

  • Product: Digital book (e-book) of proceedings, for downloading to PC or Mac
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0-9917905-2-4
  • Pages: 547
  • Editors: Dirk Van Zyl, InfoMine and University of British Columbia, Canada; Jack Caldwell, Robertson GeoConsultants, Canada

Copyright: InfoMine Inc., 2013

Many technological, regulatory and economic developments have resulted in much more sophisticated planning for the development, operation and closure of heap leach facilities. While heap leaching remains an appropriate recovery method of metals at lower capital and operating costs in drier climates, modern heap leach operations are currently being developed and run in a much broader range of climatic conditions. Many professionals have worked extremely hard for more than 30 years to establish much more robust projects.

The published papers and presentations represent a very good snapshot of the range of aspects that must be considered for successful heap leach projects. This volume reflects a synthesis of global knowledge, research and practical experience of heap leaching. As such, it will become a very useful reference document for the development of future projects, and in the education and training of young professionals involved in heap leach practice all over the world.

This publication comprises a total of 46 papers.

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Past conferences

Heap Leach Solutions 2015 was held in September 2015 in Reno, NV, USA

Heap Leach Solutions 2014 was held in November 2014 in Lima, Peru

Heap Leach Solutions 2013 was held in September 2013 in Vancouver, Canada

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